Lease terms
  1. The Lessor leases and the Lessee receives the Leased Items for use.
  2. Inventory is issued to the Lessee at the moment when a prepayment in the amount of 100% of the invoice amount has been received.
  3. The inventory is leased to the Lessee without the right to resell, donate, pledge, dismantle or assemble them.
  4. Within the term specified in the Lease Agreement, the Lessee must return the Lease Item (s) in the same packaging and condition as it (they) were received.
  5. If, due to the fault of the Lessee, the Leased Item (s) can no longer be used for the purpose (s) intended for them, has been damaged, dismantled, completed or lost. uši) appearance, the Lessee shall fully reimburse the Lessor for the losses incurred in accordance with the value of the Lessor’s Leased Item (s).
  6. The Lessee must inform the Lessor about the extension of the rental period by the day of return of the items specified in the Lease Agreement. 17:00.
  7. If the Lessee extends the term of return of the Leased Items specified in the Lease Agreement or does not return the Leased Item (s), the Lessee shall additionally pay the rent for each day of delay in the amount of 100% of the rent.